How to Import Products

Elite Paints Ltd

Download the CSV for all products still to do:


Download the import template CSV:


Copy 1000 rows from ‘Still to do’ CSV and paste into import template.

Save as CSV – call it a name like ‘1000 to add’

NOTE: it’s OK if it looks a little messy like the example on the right – just as long as they are in the right columns.

From the wordpress dashboard go to > Woocommerce > CSV Import Suite

Click import products button

Click choose file and choose your 1000 products CSV

Leave all other fields as they are and click ‘UPLOAD FILE AND IMPORT’

Scan through fields to make sure all are correct.

Most important ones to check are ‘post title’ and ‘images/gallery’ – if these 2 are in the right place you are good to go.

Scroll all the way down and click submit

Next page should start the process.


It then takes a few seconds to load but you should see a load of products import like th image here.

NOTE: if you see someting like the second image saying ‘product already exists don’t worry this isn’t an issue.

Wait for the import to do all 1000 – then you should see a bar appear at the bottom loading images/thumbnails.

Wait for this to complete and message to say all imported!

NOTE: Sometimes it won’t generate 1000 thumbnails – it only does 900 for example – but that’s not a problem.


If you notice that no new imports have happened for a while (around 5 mins) it means it’s timed out. Just close the tab/window and then go back into the dashboard in a new tab and start the import again.

You’ll see loads of these imports (see image) first but it will work out where you were and then keep going.

NOTE: when you log back in to the dashboard, sometimes there is a message that says woocommerce is updating product data (see image2) – you need to let this finish before importing again.

It usually only takes a few minutes so just refresh the page before continuing.

This also apllies for new imports – so just double check it’s not there before importing anything.


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